Andy's Summer Playhouse

Andy’s Summer Playhouse is an innovative summer youth theater located in southern New Hampshire. Every summer we produce original works that are performed by local artists aged eight to eighteen, with direction and mentoring by professional artists from New Hampshire and beyond.

innovative summer youth theater located in southern New Hampshire

Board of Directors

Andy’s has an active and vibrant Board of Directors that facilitate the strategic planning for the Playhouse, define and maintain our mission, advise our staff, fundraise, and perform many other essential functions.

  • Claudine Hessmer-Husainy, President
  • Marc Lancaric, Vice President
  • Tom Bascom, Treasurer
  • Keith McCay, Secretary
  • Scott Blanchard
  • Alicia Mercier
  • Kim Graham
  • Meghan Lydon
  • Jonathan Farmer
  • Ryan Fotter
  • Wagner Quintanilha

playhouse management

If you are interested in finding out more about or becoming a member of our Board, please complete the following form:

Board Objectives & Expectations
2015 – 2016

Andy’s seeks candidates for nomination to the Board who have a passion for Andy’s mission and for the role Andy’s plays in building community and creativity in our youth. While each Board member will contribute a unique set of time, talent and treasure to the organization, this document outlines objectives for key areas of Board participation. In 2015 and 2016 Andy’s particularly seeks Board members with prior volunteer Board experience and marketing and fundraising skills.


Board members are expected to attend monthly Board Meetings, and to miss no more than two in a row and no more than three in a year. If necessary members may attend electronically (i.e. Skype or phone). Board members are expected to attend a selection of, and as many as possible of, Andy’s productions, programs and events (i.e. mainstage shows, Play Lab, fundraising events etc.).


Board members will participate in decisions related to budget approval, strategic planning and initiatives and the hiring and evaluation of the Producing Artistic Directors (along with other fiduciary and governance matters). Board members will participate in the nomination, selection and approval of new members of the Board. Board terms are three years and each Board member may serve two consecutive terms before rotating off the Board.


Board members will each make an annual personal donation, at a level they determine appropriate. Board members will each assist with some aspect of fundraising; options include sponsorship solicitation, program ad sales, event committees, individual donor house parties, summer BBQ and other efforts.


Each Board member will sit on at least one committee. Committees may include Event Committee, Fundraising & Board Development Committee, Facility Committee, Finance Committee.

For more information contact
Andy’s 2015 Board Application