Andy's Summer Playhouse

Andy’s Summer Playhouse is an innovative summer youth theater located in southern New Hampshire. Every summer we produce original works that are performed by local artists aged eight to eighteen, with direction and mentoring by professional artists from New Hampshire and beyond.

innovative summer youth theater located in southern New Hampshire

how can you support andy’s?

People often ask us how they can support Andy’s – the best and most effective way that you can help Andy’s is to donate.  Tuition and ticket sales cover only 50% of the cost of our operations and programs. Your financial contributions help us do the rest and provide scholarships to those who cannot afford tuitions. You can make a donation by mailing a check or giving online. All donations to Andy’s are tax deductible.

Donate to Andy's today

Step back to the last time you were at Andy’s Summer Playhouse. Remember the magic that was reflected in a child’s face on opening night as an extraordinary performance unfolded. Feel the electricity vibrate through the Playhouse with the energy of realized goals and the promise of fulfilled dreams. Recall the satisfaction of sharing in something bigger than yourself, where the whole was so much greater than the sum of its parts.

Andy’s has the power to move us because of its commitment to the creation of original theater in the wilds of southern New Hampshire. From the mainstage, to the playwriting and apprentice opportunities, Andy’s provides an enriching experience for kids of all ages. Some of these kids started at Andy’s when they were 8, and are still on board at 18 plus to participate as alumni in writing, directing, mentoring. They return to Andy’s each year because there is no other summer experience like it – where a kid can contribute to something truly great!

What does it take for Andy’s’ magic to materialize? The creative abilities of a handful of artists are transformed into remarkable theater through the talent and hard work of children. In addition to this alchemy, it takes resources, funding. Tuition and ticket sales cover only about half of production costs. Andy’s Playhouse, a graceful but aging historical building that dates from 1860, increasingly has restoration needs.

Now, more than ever, Andy’s needs to rely on the generosity of its participants and patrons. As funding for the arts is ever harder to acquire, we will more aggressively pursue grants and corporate support, but we also depend on the generosity of people like you who understand what Andy’s is capable of and who appreciate its fine work.

Please be as generous to Andy’s Summer Playhouse as you can be. Your contribution is so important to us, and we appreciate it more than you know.

Three OTHER Ways YOU Can Help Andy’s!

1. Business Outreach
If you are part of a busines or corporation, or if you know of one that would be interested in gaining publicity through Andy’s this summer, please let us know!  Andy’s sponsors reach thousands of local residents through program advertisements, house-manager speeches, and more.  After the amazing dedication that our community has exhibited, now is the perfect time to advertise through Andy’s!  Email!

2. Promotion
You can help us get the word out about Andy’s, our programs and shows by picking up posters at the Playhouse and distributing to towns around our region. Or post a link on your Facebook page or personal website.

3. Facilities Help
Are you an electrician? A Plumber? A Carpenter? A Painter?  Andy’s is housed in a 150+ year old building that needs constant help.  We are always in need of professionals to help us with an array of issues.  We are more than happy to offer advertising trade and in-kind donation receipts in exchange for your help.