Andy’s has the power to move us because of its commitment to the creation of original theater in the wilds of southern New Hampshire. From the mainstage, to the playwriting/directing and apprentice opportunities, Andy’s provides an enriching experience for kids of all ages. Some of these kids started at Andy’s when they were eight, and are still on board at 18 plus to participate as alumni in writing, directing, mentoring. They return to Andy’s each year because there is no other summer experience like it – where a kid can contribute to something truly great!

Fees for the 2018 Season

  • Mainstage Production - $600
  • Teen Intensive Production - $450
  • Andy's Labs - $250 each
    • John C. Russell Playwright Lab
    • Directing Lab
    • Film Lab
  • NEW! Andy's Workshops - $150
    • one week workshops focusing on performance and design with professionals from all across the country!
  • Apprenticeship Program - $50 

Scholarships are available to those with a financial hardship.


commonly asked questions

+ Who is eligible to audition with Andy’s?

At Andy's, we are an audition-free zone! Any child age 8 to 18 who is interested in theater can enroll for a spot in an Andy’s show. Apprenticeships for technical work back stage are available to students who are at least 12, and a few younger students (11 or 12) are allowed to help in the box office or other tasks by arrangement.

+ Does Andy’s have a scholarship program?

Scholarships are available through local service organization donations and generous Andy’s patrons. Any family who finds the tuition amount a hardship may apply by filling out the Application for Tuition Scholarship on our Enrollment page. Andy’s works hard to make as many partial scholarships available as are needed each year.

+ How many children have participated in Andy’s?

The number of children who have been a part of Andy’s over its 48 year history is at least 4,000. We have had more than 150 kids cast in or working on plays each summer for many summers. Andy’s began in 1971 with just 30 students participating.

+ I have a talent that may benefit Andy’s. How can I contribute to Andy’s?

Parents can contribute in many ways. We have parent volunteers who work on anything from cleaning the playhouse to helping with plumbing to landscaping to tax preparation and more. If you have an interest in helping in any way, contact info@andyssummerplayhouse.org.

+ Our family vacation falls right in the middle of the rehearsal and performance schedule. How do we handle the overlap?

Andy’s understands the importance of summer vacations, and our shows are staggered throughout the summer in order to offer an opportunity to everyone. Please come to auditions with your summer schedule so that you can choose which of our productions work with your timetable. It is vital that each participant not miss any performances or any more than three rehearsals, as each cast member is considered critical to the production.

+ May I take pictures and video tape during an Andy’s performance?

Dress rehearsals are the only performance in which photos and filming of the production are allowed.