important Information for Parents

Please read all of the included information. Parents are required to read and agree to the included information as a condition of participation.

+ Rehearsals

You will receive a schedule of all rehearsals and performances for the show in which your child has been cast. Occasional updates may be made by giving cast members a handout that they are expected to share with their parents. If your child has more than three unexcused absences from rehearsals, they may be removed from the play. Missing a final tech or dress rehearsal should be avoided at all costs.

Please let your Stage Manager know as early as possible when you know of a necessary absence. Andy's is also a theatrical education program, and if a child misses rehearsals they can miss activities that make it hard to build future skills. If your child is concerned about his/her role, please encourage them to talk to their Director and/or Stage Manager so that they will be able to help your child understand that they are a valued part of an ensemble.

All cast members are expected to arrive 5-10 minutes early for each rehearsal; this provides time to check in with the Stage Manager before rehearsal begins. Please call the Stage Manager if you know your child will be late, or if you will be late in picking them up after rehearsal. Please be sure to pick your child up promptly at the end of the scheduled rehearsal. Due to the scheduling of our staff and rehearsals, supervision cannot be guaranteed after the rehearsal has concluded.

Please make sure your child has a labeled water bottle and appropriate food for their scheduled rehearsal. Lunch and/or snack breaks are part of the rehearsal process. Actors should bring all of their food with them, as we have a strict closed-campus policy. As such, all participants, including those who are able to drive, must remain at the Playhouse during their appointed rehearsal time.

Parents/guardians may be asked to provide “street” clothes to contribute to your child’s costume. This might mean a pair of shoes, a shirt or pair of pants - something that will be easy to find and useful for other purposes. This request will be given in plenty of time for shopping.

Your child/dependent will be asked to write a short biography for the program insert for their performances. You can order a personalized “Applause Ad” for the program insert, a small ad carrying your individual greetings to your child. (Example: “Congratulations, Judy, You’re the star! Love, Mom and Dad” ). Order forms will be distributed at the first rehearsal.

Parents are invited to attend the final dress rehearsal (the last rehearsal before opening night). This is a chance for families to take photographs. Photographs are not allowed on performance nights. Parents are not permitted to watch regular rehearsals.

+ First Rehearsal

The first rehearsal of every production is scheduled for 6-8 pm instead of the usual rehearsal timing. Attendance at this meeting is extremely important for both the actor and the parent/ guardian. This time is used for the actors to meet each other and read through the script. At the same time, the parents will meet with the administrative staff to go over any questions they may have, cover parent volunteer opportunities, finalize any outstanding paperwork, fill out medical forms and discuss carpooling with other parents.

+ Performances

Tickets for performances may be purchased at the Box Office or by phone. We do not accept ticket reservations via email. Parents have access to our Subscription Pricing: If you buy 10 tickets at a time (which can be used for any show), each ticket is $12 (instead of $14) for a total of $120. This rate is not available to the general public. Please note that opening and closing performances sell out quickly, as does closing night of the season.

Regular tickets are $14 for adults and $7 for kids 12 and under. You may make ticket reservations by calling the Box Office at 654-2613. The box office will be staffed at regular hours that will be posted in the lobby.

+ Final Show Performance

On the final night of your child’s production there will be an early call time so that the cast can participate in a photo shoot of production stills for Andy’s advertising purposes and our artists’ portfolios. That call time will be announced in advance. After the performance the cast traditionally gives out gifts to the Apprentices, Run Crew, Bridge Crew, Designers and their Director. These gifts are usually organized by a few of the older cast members and they may ask for a small contribution (usually $5) from each child to pay for them.

+ Ushering

Your child may want to usher for a performance of a show other than the one in which they are performing. In exchange for free admission to that performance this is a commitment to:

  • Arrive an hour and a half before show time
  • Be neatly dressed (Clean Andy’s T-shirt or dress clothes)
  • Sell raffle tickets before the doors open and during intermission
  • Clean the theater and bathrooms (and other tasks the House Manager requests)

Box Office Staff reserves the right to deny any usher free admission to the show if they that the usher did not fulfill their obligations.

+ Closing Day Festivities

Closing day of the season at Andy’s Summer Playhouse is full of fun events and activities for Andy’s Kids and their families. The day begins with the annual Props Auction where anyone may bid on props from the 2015 Summer Season Productions, followed by a $5 BBQ and an early final performance of the Musical at 4:30pm.

Directly following the final performance, directors from each show will give out awards to their cast members, and community awards will also be distributed. All cast members, as well as apprentices, receive awards honoring individual contributions to their show or for the summer.

This is a time of great celebration, beginning approximately at 6pm—children from all casts are encouraged to attend if possible, and the awards portion of the evening is free for everyone (attending that evening’s show prior to the awards is the normal ticket price). Following the awards ceremony there will be a dance party to celebrate the end of the season in style!

+ Parent Volunteer Opportunities

In order to help with the myriad requirements of running Andy's, we ask that parents agree to take on one or two volunteer opportunities to support their actor's community. This helps us keep our expenses low. These duties will be signed up for during the first rehearsal and include:

  • Volunteer Coordinator - they work with the Operations Manager to maintain organization and are the lead of all volunteers for their production
  • Host and/or organize the Cast Party
  • Coordinate refreshments for intermission
  • There should be a few parents who bring snacks each night
  • Up to four people may be on the “crew” for each night and will receive complimentary tickets to the performance that night
  • Playhouse Gardening and Beautification
  • Organizing carpools

+ Refreshments

Parents/guardians are asked to provide refreshments to sell before performances and at intermission. The volunteer coordinator will make sure that two or three parents are on duty each performance to: set up 45 minutes before the performance begins; provide snacks, drinks, and paper products for serving; staff the concession table; and clean up after the show ends. Andy’s provides a tent, tables, and garbage cans.

+ Cast Parties

A party for each cast is traditionally held during daytime hours in the last week of the production (often following the matinee performance). We ask for one family from each cast to volunteer as host (water access is a big plus), and other parents to help chaperone. The host parent may ask for contributions from each child to pay for refreshments, or coordinate with other parents to arrange refreshments. Please speak with the parent coordinator for your show if you are able to host a cast party.

+ Medical Release Form

Each parent will be asked to complete a medical information form prior to their child’s first rehearsal. This form will provide us with appropriate medical information and a release should emergency care be required.

+ Tuition Information

It costs over $100,000 to keep Andy’s going every year. Tuition only covers a portion of our annual budget so we conduct a range of fundraising activities during the summer and throughout the year. This allows us to keep the tuition at Andy’s Summer Playhouse as low as possible. We offer a special Second Child Discount of $50 for each additional child participating in a mainstage production.

+ Tuition Payment

We have two payment options available: Lump Sum Payment or an Installment Payment Plan. We encourage all families to make the Lump Sum payment if possible. Casting of your child requires a $100 non-refundable deposit (leaving a remaining balance of $450 for a Mainstage/Touring Production). Once this deposit is paid and your child is cast, payment is due either in Lump Sum or in Installments as defined in our payment scheduling options.

A family’s total balance must be paid by June 15th.

Note: Your child will not be placed into a production until the $100 deposit is received.

If you are seeking a Tuition Scholarship and this $100 deposit is a barrier for you, please let us know and we will work something out.

+ Tuition Scholarship

In order to make Andy’s accessible to families of all financial situations we have set up a Tuition Scholarship Fund. Please refer to the separate Tuition Assistance Application for further details. Before applying, please accurately self-assess your family’s financial capabilities and weigh your situation with the importance of continuing youth arts programs in New Hampshire. Andy’s works to ensure that finances are never a barrier for a child’s participation. Tuition Scholarships will only be given out to those families who apply.

+ Season T-Shirt

This year each participant will receive an Andy’s t-shirt as part of their tuition. Please make sure that the appropriate size is circled on their Audition Form.

+ Refund Policy

Andy’s knows that sometimes plans go astray and a registered participant cannot take part. However, we make our staffing and financial decisions based in part on the numbers of children in each program. Late withdrawal has a significant impact on financial and programmatic planning. To be as fair as we can to everyone affected by a withdrawal, we have the following rules regarding tuition refunds: If you need to withdraw from an Andy's Production for any reason, written notice must be received according to the following guidelines: * If written notice is given by May 1st, 75% of the refundable tuition that has been paid will be returned. * If written notice is given by June 14th, 50% of the refundable tuition that has been paid will be returned. * After June 14th no refunds will be processed.

There are instances where, upon written request, the Board of Directors may approve a partial refund after the deadlines have passed. Only the Board of Directors has the authority to approve refunds that fall outside of the above dates. The request to the Board must be in writing and must state the reasons for the request in detail. Necessary withdrawals will receive the full consideration of the Board, but the Board will not, as a rule, approve refunds for participants unhappy with the parts they have received. No refunds are given for participants who seek to withdraw from the program due to conflict with staff or other participants. Parents are encouraged to communicate their concerns so that staff members are aware of any difficulty a participant is experiencing. Andy’s is 100% committed to making your child’s experience tremendous and we will help you navigate any obstacles that arise.