Michael Redman

2018 Production Manager/Technical Director

Michael Redman is thrilled to be returning for his third season at Andy's. When not "summering" in New Hampshire, Michael works in Washington DC as the Production Manager and Technical Director of Georgetown University's Theatre and Performance Studies Program. Since moving to DC in Summer 2014, Michael has served as TD for Rorschach Theatre's Truth & Beauty Bombs: A Softer World, Synetic Theatre's A Tale of Two Cities, Mosaic Theatre of DC's ignaugural production Unexplored Interior, as well as Natsu Onoda Power's The Origin of Species: A Nautical Melodrama and many other amazing events and productions at Georgetown University. Michael also served as Projections Designer for Theatre Alliance's Dontrell Who Kissed the Sea (Named one of 2015's best by DCMetroTheaterArts) and Lighting Designer for the LABORATORY FOR GLOBAL PERFORMANCE AND POLITICS' production of Generation: WH(Y). A graduate of the University of North Alabama, Michael has worked in scenery and technical management with companies across the US, including the Nashville Children's Theatre, Nashville Ballet, the Utah Shakespearean Festival, the Virginia Shakespeare Festival, Tennessee Repertory Theatre, Yale Repertory Theatre, and many others.