Andy's family guides

each family guide is designed specifically to address themes and questions in our plays. these guides can be used as preparation for coming to see our shows and to spark discussion afterwards. There are links to articles and websites for further exploration, questions for all audiences to answer together, and much more.



FROGGY is a multimedia play about a woman who goes in search of her missing boyfriend after discovering he's the main character in a violent video game. The play is set in a noir style and will use multimedia and video gaming design to tell the story.


The arrival

Adapted from the illustrated novel The Arrival, by Shaun Tan, this silent production will tell the story of a man finding his way to a new world and learning how to survive and cope in a land that does not speak his language.


my hero

Join a group of travelers as they share their stories of heroes to pass the time on their pilgrimage to create change in the world. Along the journey you will discover new heroes from around the world and right in your neighborhood.


the things we keep

The Things We Keep is a musical about a large family, spanning several generations, who have come together during the passing of their father/grandfather/great-grandfather, who is also suffering from Alzheimer’s.