Thank You Alumni!

On Monday, December 7, 2015, a group of incredibly innovative human beings gathered in NYC at HERE Arts Center to celebrate their massive successes, their appreciation for the arts, and their favorite childhood experiences. They have pushed themselves and those around them to think deeper, question further, and push harder into the advancement of their communities.
Many of them have been artists since they were children.
Many of them are now educators for the next generation of thinkers.
Many have gone on to explore other careers, pushing those communities to think and do in a deeper and more innovative way.
Here is a truth about these human beings. It is a very simple truth:
They are all Andy's Kids.
On December 7, 2015, the first of MANY Alumni Gatherings took place. And what an amazing and beautiful evening it was. Memories were shared, laughs were had, hugs all around. The love and support for Andy's Summer Playhouse was palpable.
Thank you to all who came. Please spread the word and let's do this again....and again... and again.
The legacy of Andy's is so strong. The generations who have passed through our beloved community in Mason and Wilton NH have gone on to make major impacts in the world... let's continue to celebrate Andy's and make sure the legacy remains in tact for decades and centuries to come.
Here's to another beginning.
Thank you.