Andy's Sustainability Campaign

To My Amazing Andy's Family,

This past year has been eye-opening for me as I learned the ropes of being your Artistic Director. Our first mission was to re-engage with our artistic community by bringing in over 25 artists from NYC, DC, Philadelphia, and beyond. We engaged with Macdowell fellows as well as many other incredible artists in our field today, creating workshops for our kids to get inspiring mentorship.  We also created two new programs, The Andy's Academy and The Greenhouse, both of which were fantastic successes.

At our 2nd Annual Auction, we announced that the 2017 season theme will be the Summer of Adversity, 2018 will be the Summer of Legacy, 2019 will be the Summer of Rebellion, and 2020 will be Andy's 50th Anniversary. 

This is the Road to 2020, and this journey is where our second mission begins. 

This mission is to redefine the financial support we seek through our community. While many of you have been an incredible source for donations, these often come when Andy's is in need of your help. We want to change this. 

So today, we are launching the Andy's Sustainability Campaign. This campaign seeks a broader community to help in smaller and more consistent ways. By clicking the button below, we are asking you to consider donating just $10, $20, or $30 a month to help us in planning these next 4 seasons. In clicking the button below, you will join an already thriving community of Andy's families, professional artists, alumni, and local community leaders who have committed to making Andy's a vibrant and innovative safe space for children to unlock their imaginations. 

Our goal is to find a minimum of 100 Andy's Supporters to commit to this small monthly donation. By doing so, we believe this will begin a new chapter for Andy's Summer Playhouse, one full of consistent growth, both financially and artistically. By creating a sustainable fundraising campaign such as this one, we hope to lower the annual financial stress while heightening the ability to focus our energy on artistic and innovative growth that celebrates the imagination of our children. 

What better way could you imagine spending $10 or $20 each month? 

Become a member of this campaign today!

With gratitude and appreciation,

Jared Mezzocchi