2018 Season



The Arrival: Mainstage

Directed by Orange Grove Dance, composed by Dylan Glatthorn, and adapted from the illustrated novel The Arrival, by Shaun Tan. This silent production will tell the story of a man finding his way to a new world and learning how to survive and cope in a land that does not speak his language. In a journey of the body and mind, The Arrival explores themes of the immigrant experience and what it means to build a home in a foreign world.

Froggy: teen Intensive

Written by Jennifer Haley, one of the writers of Netflix’s Mindhunter, and directed by Matt Morrow, artistic director of Diversionary Theater in San Diego. FROGGY is a graphic play about a woman who goes in search of her missing boyfriend after discovering he's the main character in a violent video game. The play is set in a noir style and will be using multimedia and video gaming design to tell the story.



My Hero: tour

Written and directed by returning artist, Wyckham Avery. What makes someone a hero? Are they brave, shrewd, strong, smart, plucky, clever, gutsy, or even perspicacious? Join a group of travelers as they share their stories of heroes to pass the time on their pilgrimage to create change in the world. Along the journey you will discover new heroes from around the world and right in your neighborhood.


The Things We Keep: Musical

Written and Directed by Artistic Director Jared Mezzocchi with music by local artist, Duncan Pelletier. The Things We Keep is a musical about a large family, spanning several generations, who have come together during the passing of their father/grandfather/great-grandfather, who is also suffering from Alzheimer’s. The play explores memory, aging, and family, and examines the processes a family must undergo while saying goodbye to a complex and complicated man. Ultimately, it is the family that determines the man they will bury, and the legacy they will keep.