"This is a destination for anyone who wants to see the future of theatre. Literally."

Doug Moser, Theater Director and Filmmaker

48 years of new work in theater, made by kids, for audiences of all ages 


~ since 1971 ~

Andy’s Summer Playhouse is an innovative summer youth theater located in Southern New Hampshire. Every summer we produce original works performed by local artists ages 8 to 18 with direction and mentoring by professional artists from all over the country! 



"These young actors participate in a constant rethinking of the script in conjunction with the playwright until, through their input, it becomes alive and dynamic.  They also add their ideas to the staging of each production until it is a natural, organic whole that reflects the essence of each play. "

- Gail Hoar, local patron



Every year, Andy's creates new work that challenges our community to think creatively and empathetically about our world, both global and local. As an offering to all of our audience members, we create in-depth family guides that offer vocabulary, games, forums, and conversation starters to kids and adults that we hope create an inspired dialogue within our community.


"Last night Bruce and I went to see The Arrival at Andy's Summer Playhouse.  We were gobsmacked!  We walked home feeling the blessing and magic of life in Wilton Center."

- Deanna   Darby,   local patron



Join us for the 2018 Summer of Legacy. Programming ranges from 1 week workshops to 6 week rehearsal/performance processes, so there are plenty of ways to join the fun!

Ages 8-18 are eligible for enrollment

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With performances nearly every week, starting July 11, 2018, watch amazing new work created by our local youth!

Subscription Packages are also available, so you can see all of our productions at a great cost!

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"Once a resident of the west coast from San Diego to Portland to  Seattle, I have been in New England for 11 years now. This type of conceptual theatre used to be my life’s blood and I miss it. Since moving here, I have not encountered any groups who are willing to take on such an endeavor. i simply had to thank you."

- Deb Lund, Gamer and theater artist